Raven’s hair isn’t raven at the moment. Raven’s favourite talking animal is Matthew the raven from The Sandman. She is weak against Dr Martens, most things in leopard print, and kinoko no yama. She listens to a variety of music, likes a variety of colours, and eats a variety of ramen. She also can’t help coming up with very, very bad puns around anyone who will listen, which only leaves Ivory.

Sadly, Ivory’s hair has never been ivory, but her skin is pretty pale. Ivory has a soft spot for korean idols who look like Dobby (read: Park Chanyeol), all cute things in pastel purple, lazy bears who snack on honey and take hot baths and pastries that cannot be eaten. She believes in her ability to communicate with all cats and one day strives to take over the world. She is also looking for any way to escape the bad puns made by Raven.