And not to brag and all, but Seto Ayumi totally blew a kiss at us and Una the goddess heard Raven’s plaintive cries  cheers and waved at her. Yura-chan was perfect as a doll. We are in L O V E.

Unfortunately, because photography wasn’t allowed, we didn’t take pictures, but we’ll probably post a link to the coverage by various media outlets when we come across them! We are law-abiding citizens, now where’s my cookie? :C

grumpy cat

Fangirling aside, guess who deigned to join us on our marvelous excursion?

Yes, it is the marvelous WAIYI☆!

For all intents and purposes, the three of us will be collectively known as FURIKAKO+, and FURIKAKO!! when WaiWai is absent. It’s all about branding, you see.

Annnnnnndddddddddd here’s what we wore!

Ivory attempting the pastel trend

If you’re a loyal reader of Zipper, you’d have noticed that models such as AMO have been carrying off the pastel trend with sass, and Ivory gave her half-assed best shot at it! OUO

This is my “I have no clothes so I wore leftover candyfloss” look. WERK IT 

nom nom nom

Cute ass alpaca nails done by Shining Nails~ *bleats*

Head over to Shining Nails if you want a set of kawaii ass nails too… She painted those miniature roses by hand omg NOT STICKERS OKAY *obamanotbad.jpg* (I AM NOT SPONSORED BY THEM JSYK)

Gratuitous shot of FURIKAKO!! waiting for the show to start. You’re welcome.

Outfit breakdown:

Overshirt – cottonon

T-shirt – gmarket

Skirt – Bodyline

Tights – Korea

Socks – Korea

Shoes – Korea