Raven and I have been caught up with ~real life~.

I don’t know why we chose to use the names ‘Raven’ and ‘Ivory’. To preserve a little bit of ironic anonymity on the internet, perhaps? Or it was probably a carb-fueled decision. You know, the ones where you’re so full and sleepy and warm and everything seems agreeable?

But anyway, here’s a list of things we have been ~busy~ with, because we are totally useful members of the workforce and we’d like to think that we contribute a little to the economy.

R and Waiwai went to Japan and met up there while I languished in Singapore

– The Two Musketeers visited Avant Garde, aka the ~holy grail~ of tattoo stockings. Waiwai bestowed a gorgeous pair on the lowly I.

R and I are working at the same Japanese fashion label, but at different outlets. Have fun spotting us.


Basically, that’s it. We just haven’t exactly done anything exciting or worth updating.

Talk to you guys soon.