Life has an uncanny habit of throwing curve balls and lemons at the most inappropriate of times.
When that happens, fashion takes a backseat; bright hair colours and prints are replaced with subdued hues. I wonder why that is the case for me. I no longer feel excited by life, and all I want to do is to roll along the waves of life in underwhelming sweatshirts and jeans and the occasional ironic badge, being the hipster that I am.

Here, have some half -assed attempt at not looking like a beggar.   – Ivory







Raven and I have been caught up with ~real life~.

I don’t know why we chose to use the names ‘Raven’ and ‘Ivory’. To preserve a little bit of ironic anonymity on the internet, perhaps? Or it was probably a carb-fueled decision. You know, the ones where you’re so full and sleepy and warm and everything seems agreeable?

But anyway, here’s a list of things we have been ~busy~ with, because we are totally useful members of the workforce and we’d like to think that we contribute a little to the economy.

R and Waiwai went to Japan and met up there while I languished in Singapore

– The Two Musketeers visited Avant Garde, aka the ~holy grail~ of tattoo stockings. Waiwai bestowed a gorgeous pair on the lowly I.

R and I are working at the same Japanese fashion label, but at different outlets. Have fun spotting us.


Basically, that’s it. We just haven’t exactly done anything exciting or worth updating.

Talk to you guys soon.

Apparently we have a lot of bullshit to say, that’s why we had to break the post into two parts. (✌゚∀゚)☞

This is my “you owe me money so I am hounding you stylishly” look

“I have no food because you owe me money so now I am broke”

I have no money for Miu Miu so I bought a miau bag.

Tall people like Raven don’t need to wear double decker creepers unlike Ivory

Dolly wink wink wink

Guest appearance by WAIWAI~

Outfit breakdown:

On WAIWAI – everything is from Taiwan except for her Anna Sui bag

On Raven-

Top: rydia by world wide love!

Skirt: Zara

Tights: pull and bear

Hair pins: pull and bear

Shoes: underground

Bag: ahcahcum

Necklace: Vivienne Westwood


And not to brag and all, but Seto Ayumi totally blew a kiss at us and Una the goddess heard Raven’s plaintive cries  cheers and waved at her. Yura-chan was perfect as a doll. We are in L O V E.

Unfortunately, because photography wasn’t allowed, we didn’t take pictures, but we’ll probably post a link to the coverage by various media outlets when we come across them! We are law-abiding citizens, now where’s my cookie? :C

grumpy cat

Fangirling aside, guess who deigned to join us on our marvelous excursion?

Yes, it is the marvelous WAIYI☆!

For all intents and purposes, the three of us will be collectively known as FURIKAKO+, and FURIKAKO!! when WaiWai is absent. It’s all about branding, you see.

Annnnnnndddddddddd here’s what we wore!

Ivory attempting the pastel trend

If you’re a loyal reader of Zipper, you’d have noticed that models such as AMO have been carrying off the pastel trend with sass, and Ivory gave her half-assed best shot at it! OUO

This is my “I have no clothes so I wore leftover candyfloss” look. WERK IT 

nom nom nom

Cute ass alpaca nails done by Shining Nails~ *bleats*

Head over to Shining Nails if you want a set of kawaii ass nails too… She painted those miniature roses by hand omg NOT STICKERS OKAY *obamanotbad.jpg* (I AM NOT SPONSORED BY THEM JSYK)

Gratuitous shot of FURIKAKO!! waiting for the show to start. You’re welcome.

Outfit breakdown:

Overshirt – cottonon

T-shirt – gmarket

Skirt – Bodyline

Tights – Korea

Socks – Korea

Shoes – Korea

Don’t want to be permanently attached? If you’ve got commitment phobia like I think I do, then you might just like the temporary relationship that tattoo tights have to offer. When Ivory and I decided to step out wearing them the other day, I went with a girlier coordinate, toning down the tights with a neutral colour palette.

You had me at “hey since when did you get those tattoos?”

These are all-over tattoo tights, but other more subtle designs can make any outfit more interesting.

Tattoo tights and leopard prints don’t always have to look loud!

Outfit breakdown

Blouse – Topshop

Cardigan – Dip Drops

Shorts – H&M

Tights – Spinns

Shoes – Heather

Headband – Accessorize

If you’re into Japanese or Korean fashion, you might have noticed that tattoo tights have been becoming increasingly popular… And that’s the focus of today’s post!

Oh my, look what prominent veins you have!

It was a little daunting the first time we put on tattoo tights, because apparently it’s not mainstream enough for Singaporeans. But then again, after having had hair in a myriad of colours, you get used to the stares.

I love how the blue collar and panel makes the shirt a little more relaxed and less…formal? Yet dressy enough to pretend that you actually gave a hoot about being well-dressed.

I may have gone overboard with the prints… But thankfully, the colours sort of match and pulls the outfit together. My excuse is that I was going for the ~harajuku~ look.

Ironically, to get this ~Japanese street style~ look, most of the things I wore were from… Korea.

Knockoff 5dpi glasses and a skeleton mask because ~the thug life chose me~

Outfit breakdown

Shirt – Korea

Paisley shorts – Oakham Market

Tights – Korea

Ring – Korea (Hongdae)

Creepers – Korea (Myeongdong)

Mask – Korea

Glasses – Taobao

Watch – Coach


Excuse me, I’ve got to lay off the prozac.

Well anyway, I had my eye on half-moon nails for quite a fair bit, and recently found time to try it out. If you would like to have a go at it, please continue reading~!

Half-moon nails have been spotted on plenty of celebrities lately, ranging from Rihanna to Dita von Teese. Very varied, you see. You can do it the classic way (naked half moon with red polish) or experiment with different colour combinations. Think of it as a reverse french manicure. Does that even make sense?!  (well it did, in my head…)

But anyway, the beauty of this manicure is that you won’t have to worry about the new growth for quite some time, which is perfect for lazy bums like me!

Okay, less chatter, more action. Let’s move on to the real thing.

Items needed:

– masking tape or french manicure strips

– top coat

– base coat

– colours of your choice

– scissors and nail clippers if you are cutting the tape on your own

How to:

1) File your nails. Very exciting business, indeed.

2) Cut out a curved strip of tape, or you can use a french manicure strip OR a binder reinforcing tape

3) ~base coat~

4) Stick that tape on

5) Apply two coats of polish, letting the first coat dry a little first

6) Remove the tape carefully BEFORE your polish dries

7) Scroll through 9gag

8) Apply top coat

9) Take 3434854985670923845 photos of your nails and post it on instagram


You’re welcome.