A classmate recently asked me for some style tips, and I was at a loss. How do I style a super buffed dude twice my height? And different people have different tastes and preferences, right? So I had no proper answer for him that day. Upon careful thought, I drew out these totally professional guidelines you should totally follow to the T or risk being eviscerated by the Fashion Monster:

1 ) wear something that is comfortable or at least something that doesn’t reduce you into a squirming mass of misery, because if you don’t feel good in something, it will probably make you feel really miserable the whole time. This probably doesn’t apply to Haute couture and all that, but I’m talking about your daily outfits. You need to be able to move comfortably without breaking all your toes with every step… Unless you’re into that sort of thing. No judgement here.

2) Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Sometimes I worry about people scoffing at whatever ensemble I decide to throw on that day. But hey, if it makes me happy, why not, right? I can be a girly 50s girl one day, and an androgynous charmer (ahem) the next. That’s what makes fashion so fun: you can be whoever you want.

3) Put in some effort: this sounds like common sense, but the amount of times I’ve seen well-dressed people ruin their outfit with a pair of unfortunate footwear coughcrocscough… However, if you decide that Crocs are your statement piece, why not pair it with neon coloured clothes and go all out? Maybe Clown Chic is going to be the next trend, you’ll never know 😉

4) Don’t take me seriously, I’m just messing around with you.