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1012467_505253626211402_1821395958_nIf eyes are windows to the soul, then spectacles are the window frames…?

Not sure where on earth this simile is going but you get the idea, yo.

Anyway, I’ve been having problems with my vision lately, so I decided it was time to get a new pair of spectacles!

Through recommendations from Togusa, I visited New China Opticians, a shop famous for vintage and quirky frames for those in the know.

892450_448413408562091_114664176_o(image: NCO’s Facebook)

I settled for some round frames because my face is rather angular in all the wrong ways, so I figured a round frame would balance it out.

1098426_506944562708975_416628784_n(image: NCO’s Facebook)

Stole this photo from NCO’s Facebook page. Thanks Wendy!

The shop is, for want of a better word, cluttered, but in all the right ways. This is the closest a Muggle can get to Ollivanders, okay? I apologise for the rather lacklustre photos this time round because I could only snap a few quick shots with my phone.


Frames are stuffed into every nook and cranny, and the kind Uncle Tony (aka the Towkay) let me run free in the shop! So I spent an hour poking through almost everything…

20130819_143854 (1)

It took about an hour for my spectacles to be ready, and Wendy and Tony kept me entertained the whole time, regaling me with funny anecdotes.


While I was loitering, the shop saw a steady stream of customers, both new and old. It was like everyone was a part of a group or something, strangers striking up conversations over frames and their shared love for something unique.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve met a friendlier optician or a shop that has made me feel so at home.


For those who are interested in the history and people behind NCO, fret not! I have taken the liberty to harass ask Uncle Tony.

The shop was first set up as a branch of Daming Optical in 1925, but after WWII, the two split ways. Since then, NCO has been passed down a few generations, with Uncle Tony taking over 8 years ago. NCO is no stranger to famous names, with the likes of Bobby Tonelli, Joanne Peh, Rebecca Lim, and even political figures as their loyal customers.


The shop is infused with so much nostalgia, perfect for people who miss the yesteryears. Even the spectacle case and cloth features a print of a mural that has been in the shop since 1995!


The frames are sourced from all over the world, and Uncle Tony says that most of them are “dead stock”, and you probably can’t find them elsewhere.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of reasonably priced yet unique frame, head on down to New China Opticians!

They are located at:

3 Coleman Street, #B1-12 Peninsular Shopping Complex
Singapore, Singapore 179804


ImagePhoto: PACT+LIM

Having a bad hair day, literally? Step into Japanese salon PACT+LIM for a hairdressing experience that makes the cut. Nestled in a quiet corner of Orchard Central, the sister salon of KIZUKI+LIM at Raffles Arcade strikes you at first look with its unique greenhouse-inspired interior. The contemporary and minimalist concept of LIM (an acronym for Less Is More) manifests itself in the salon’s unfinished raw concrete walls and flooring, furniture that utilises clean geometrical lines and floor-sweeping glass windows which allow natural light to flood in – the outcome is an organic space conducive to its stylists for experimenting and coming up with new creations. Spacious, open and uncluttered, it is a haven of sorts in a densely populated district.

There are a variety of hair services to choose from on the menu and the Japanese stylists are friendly and helpful – I was served by Osaka-born So, a real character with a funky sense of fashion and a colourful personality. An experienced professional, he is serious when it comes to his work as his cheerful expression instantly turns solemn when he meticulously studies the condition of your hair, getting a feel of it and lightly tossing it to see how it moves. A natural conversationalist, he raves animatedly about how he can’t wait to visit Disneyland when he goes back home for his annual summer vacation. Acknowledging that language does pose as a barrier, So earnestly says that he’s been spending his weekends studying his primary school English textbooks. Way to go, So! At the end of the session, the stylists go the extra mile by teaching you how to style your hairdo by yourself after you get home. If you like this place, be sure to hang around the adjoining Kilo or K.I.N for food and shopping respectively.

PACT+LIM is at 181 Orchard Road #02-17/18/19 Orchard Central
For more details visit their website at
This is not a sponsored post, it just that good.)