Ivory and Raven aren’t doing too well because sometimes, the real world is just too much for Martians to handle. And all Raven wants right now is to self-medicate with the wondrous drug human beings call dessert. So here’s a food post introducing La Maison from Japan!


No, this post was not written on an empty stomach.


La Maison’s specialty are their divine tarts. They already look almost too good to be eaten and you’ll find that they’re mighty delicious too, once you’re done admiring how pretty they look (and taking a gazillion Instagram pictures).


If you’re hungry for more, you could a. order 2 tarts, or b. try their main courses. They serve hearty warm dishes like hamburg steak, beef stroganoff and pasta – I had the seafood paella.


Check out the full menu here: http://www.la-maison.jp/index.html

I ate at the La Maison branch at LUMINE Ikebukuro which can be accessed directly from the JR Ikebukuro station. LUMINE is also a great place to shop at. It’s on the 5th floor and opening hours are 11:00 to 21.30!